After the BYOB dinner. In the DWCC

This video that you can find enclosed happened just after the BYOB dinner on October 24. They said to us that it was programmed to go to have tapas and wine on the famous calle Laurel of Logroño. But to my surprise we did not have to walk more than 15 metres and we found a wonderful tapas and wine bar which was delicious, and there we were, 15, 20, 30 winelovers, maybe more. People having fun.

And it begun to rain. But who cares about rain. We were in Logroño at the end of October. So it did not matter at all. It might even look better everything with the rain. Then we went to the next bar which was in front of the first, and then the other 10 metres more. We were having a lot of fun.

And suddenly a winelover found a friend from France with his friends. One of them had a violin (a Stradivarius). They knew each other from a town in France, it was raining, and this woman was walking around with an Stradivarius… Can you imagine the scene?

She offered to play for a tango with the violin.

We said that of course.

At the next morning, when I remembered all this, my first thought was, that all that happened had been just a dream. But I looked at my video camera in which there were the girl, “las tapas”, the wine, the rain, the violin, the winelovers and the play. So, it was not a dream, it was just one of many anecdotes that may happen when 250 winelovers get together to enjoy the DWCC. And this time on the best place.

In the heart of La Rioja.

Viva el DWCC!