We go to Casa del Valle Winery and Toledo on Saturday January 12

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Esta excursión en inglés: We go to Casa del Valle Winery and Toledo on Saturday January 12

Bodegas Casa del Valle

We had already been in Martúe Winery and we had a wonderful time. What winery! What speech! ! What wines!

Then we had tapas in Toledo. The tapas were scrumptious.

And then we went to visit Toledo.

As I live in Madrid. Toledo is very closed from where I live and I have visited a lot of times.

Well, I never had a visit as I had on March 24 th. Read “En Toledo con el Winebus el 14 de abril”(in Spanish)

Toledo imagen general

Now we go to Casa del Valle Winery. What a winery of the Olarra group!!! It is located in Yepes, 65 kms from Madrid, with fantastic wines, with a very good speech at the winery, with a beautiful vineyard just beside the winery and very attractive facilities.

These are the wines that appear on its website: Hacienda Casa del Valle Shiraz, Hacienda casa del Valle Cabernet Sauvignon and Finca Valdelagua. And these are the wines that we will take in the tasting. Hacienda Casa del Valle Shiraz, Hacienda Casa del Valle Cabernet Sauvignon, Finca Valdelagua

Then there is Jose Fuentes the Winery wine tourism responsible that is going to do the best of himself for telling us how this group has taken advantage of its experience to design and create this winery. Jose ´s speech is very solid and there is something very nice on this visit that you will appreciate that do not happen to often on the visit to other wineries. I am talking about visiting the vineyard. Everybody agrees that the key to have a good wine is obtained, from what is done in the vineyard. It is an act of recognition that the visit begins in the vineyard.

In short, it is a visit that is worth to do.

See more pictures of Casa del Valle Winery

Do you want to come to a spectacular winery from the Olarra Group? Do you want to enjoy with wonderful tapas at a very nice price? Do you want to enjoy the city with the most important history where there is a better mixture than any other town of the east and west world, the Muslim, the Christian and Jewish, and all this in a towns that looks just the same as it was on the 15 th century?

See more pictures of Casa del Valle Winery

Istambul also has the three sides. We have our own Istambul 70 kms from Madrid (half an hour trip). But let us not compete with Istambul. The visit to Toledo would include the visit to the Cathedral and “La Casa de El Greco».

Do you want to come to Casa del Valle Winery and then to Toledo?

This is the program of the day:

10,45 h Departure from Madrid (Plaza del Conde de Casal)

12h Visit to Casa del Valle Winery and tasting of 3 wines.

14h End of the visit and on the way to Toledo

14,15 h Lunch in a restaurant very closed to the winery (20 euros. Lunch price is optional and not included on the reserve)

16,30h Guided visit to Toledo

18,30 End of the guided visit

19,45 h Arrival to Madrid.

To pay the reservation, you can do it with a transfer with a previous email to igsegma@gmail.com , or calling to 630 099 630 o through Ticketea.com http://www.ticketea.com/winebus-a-bodegas-casa-del-valle-y-toledo

We are waiting for you.

This trip in Spanish: El Winebus a Bodegas Casa del Valle y Toledo el sábado 12 de Enero

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