Nos vamos con el Winebus a Bodega Malpica de Tajo y Navalcarnero el 22 de diciembreThe Winebus goes to Malpica de Tajo Winery and Navalcarnero on Saturday december 22

Para saber de esta excursión visitar: El Winebus en Bodega Malpica de Tajo de Osborne y Navalcarnero el sábado 22 de diciembre.

Esta excursión en inglés: The Winebus goes to Malpica de Tajo Winery and Navalcarnero on Saturday december 22

On Saturday December 22nd we go to the Malpica Winery from the Osborne Group.

This winery is located in the Extramadura road about 60 miles from Madrid.

This winery is special for several reasons. They ellaborate some great wines, and you perceive the Osborne brand in everything, their wines, their facilities, their speech. Everything starts with the Osborne bull “El Toro de Osborne”. Before arriving to the winery you can already notice its presence. Where else? On the road that leads to the cellar, of course.

The “Toro de Osborne” Is something very special and friendly for all Spanish. There was a time when all our roads were lined with billboards. Until they were abolished But they decided that the “toro” should remain. And the “Toro” is still in our roads. It is part of our landscape.

This brand, Osborne, and that logo is seen in each of its wines, its facilities, in their speeches. It transmits desire for perfection, elegance, beauty, personality, expertise.

During the visit we will see quite a good sized cellar, a very pleasant and didactic walk, on the elaboration of wine, about what the Osborne Group represents, and the way Osborne making wines. This is a very well prepared visit in which you realize that many people come to visit attracted by its charm. We will taste 3 of their wines, all of them pretty good. In a very appopiated room for tasting wines.

After the visit we wiil go to have lunch in a restaurant very closed to the winery, in Puebla de Montalbán that has made us a delightful menu of 20 euros.

On the way back we will stop at Navalcarnero to visit its wonderful “Wine Interpretation Center”. We can we also go to the Wine Museum which is a successful attempt to bring the world of wine through the 5 senses.. Navalcarnero is a gem that we have at hand, and do not remember that exists, perhaps because it is too close. And that seems a defect when it is a actually a virtue.

And if we still have time (god knows if we will have spare time), we will have a drink in Segovia Square, one of the most original and pretty squares of Spain.

This is the program

11,30 h Departure from Madrid (Plaza del Conde de Casal)

13h Visit to Malpica de Tajo Winery from Osborne Group and tasting of 3 wines.

14,45h End of visit.

15,15h Lunch at restaurant in Puebla de Montalbán

16,45 h Departure to Navalcarnero.

17,45h Visit to the “Navalcarnero Interpretation Centre”, Wine museum and drink in Segovia square.

19,45h Departure to Madrid.

20,30h Arrival to Madrid.

To pay, you can do it with a transfer with a previous email to , or calling to 630 099 630 o through

This trip in Spanish: El Winebus en Bodega Malpica de Tajo de Osborne y Navalcarnero el sábado 22 de diciembre.

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