Viña Solorca. Víctor Balbás, an amazing businessman. (2)

It comes from Viña Solorca. Víctor Balbás, an amazing businessman.

Sala de Barricas

And I taste his wine (Viña Solorca 2004 vintage selected). The first thing that strikes me is the presence and the elegance of its bottle and label. He had mentioned previously how many problems this kind of bottle had caused him on the filling line and how he had solved it. I can say now that it was worth to do what he did. The result is a very elegant bottle with a storng personality.

But let’s talk about the wine. There is no doubt that it comes from Ribera del Duero, it takes a little time to open at nose, but when it does, it becomes extremely generous, with many shades. On the palate, full bodied, but extremely balanced and complex. Even better than at sight and nose. At the same time soft, very soft. I understand why all these prizes we had seen previously on the prizes room.

As I keep being in this wine sector I feel an increased pleasure in knowing the stories about wine, wineries and about people that are behind each wine. It is very exciting.

We ate this fantastic fish beautifully presented, accompanied of the forementioned Viña Solorca Gran Selección 2004. The chef of its kitchen joined us at the table, a polite, friendly and close man.

Sala de Convites

I actually enjoyed of a very special dinner. And I felt I was among friends, thanks to the good relationship that connects Pedro with Victor.

As I mentioned before, Victor told us about his plans, his projects, his inventions. This man has a brain full of projects. It is like a machine of making bright ideas and implementing them.

I really enjoyed his wine in his cellar. Today, several days after the visit, I opened at home other bottle ot this same wine. And I have to say that the experience has been as good as the first one.

Then I have a look at his catalog. They have quite a nice catalog.

Then, I visit his website. I have to say that I can help him on this subject…

Solorca Vineyard, a winery with two things especially remarkable. They have a fantastic wine and a very, very special owner.

Long life to Viña Solorca

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Viña Solorca 2004 vendimia seleccionada y un buen pescado.

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