Bodegas Frutos Aragón. A small Ribera del Duero winery with very clear ideas (2)

It comes from: Bodegas Frutos Aragón. A small Ribera del Duero winery with very clear ideas.

Desafío 2006

Despite of Pedro´s self-financed attitude, his expectations of expansion of the winery are quite ambitious. But, wisely, he does not put a time limit to those expectations. The extensions will be made with the revenue that business will generate. (Can a small winery grow differently at this moment?)

Another thing he has clear, based on costs, is to consider what type of machine he wants to own and which he wants to rent for specific activities.

Pedro owns also another company that provides machine hire service for other wineries and for his own winery. His service is so good and his prices are so competitive that some wineries that have the machines prefer to rent his machines than using their own. (We can see there again the entrepreneurial attitude, finding a need and attending to it, and keeping controlled the costs)

Barricas de "Desafío alta gama"

Afterwards we went to visit his vineyards to see how they harvest. He has some really attractive vineyards. And he takes care of them with great detail. I was lucky to see the whole process at harvest (vintage machine, unloading truck, unloading in the warehouse, filling fermentors).

The end of the visit was a summary of what he planed to do if things go as expected. And for the way he spoke, it gave me the impression of speaking of rather a short period.

Being with someone like Pedro is like a breath of fresh air. I recall a Charles Darwin sentence. «It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change». I think that Peter will not have problems to get along, because one of his strengths is to have things clear. He understands the situation. He knows where we are going and what he wants, and he is making ready his companies to this new situation.

Nave de alquiler de maquinaria

What I say it seems quite obvious but I have the feeling that many small and medium size, and a few big wineries, have not their ideas so clear. Or that is what they look like.

What is still missing Peter? Using Internet properly. But he does not have to worry about, because if he wants I will do this job for him..

I wish you good luck Pedro, but I think you even do not need it. You think you are going to get it quite soon… and I agree with you.

See you soon

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