Can a winery sell more by using Social Media?

gota de agua

It depends. It is a question of visibility, of getting the customer’s attention and of having a convincing message.

The message from a winery is like a drop of water on the Amazon River unless it is different than the messages from other wineries.

But our customer may fall in love with the message if:

1)      That drop of water is special, if it sets itself apart from the rest of the drops, if the observer sees our message and understands what makes us different. This can happen for several reasons: 1) We have positioned ourselves very well in a niche appreciated by the observer (Search engines) 2) We are highly rated and recommended by someone who is respected. The social network not only spreads messages, it also filters the messages we receive.

2)      If you as a customer have a relationship with the winery in the real world, then you go looking for that differentiating factor on the social web.

Only if we get the observers attention will we be able to transmit our message. And that is not easy to achieve, due to the huge flow of information people receive on a daily basis.

To put it differently:

A winery sells more if it has done the conventional homework in the real physical world, but being active in the real world is like bravery in a soldier’s heart: It is necessary, but not sufficient.

 A winery can sell much more, if it sells a product that stands out for its quality, its quality/price ratio or other distinguishing factors that make it preferred over other wineries. Moreover, it must connect with influencers, both in the traditional and the new digital world, who do a good job at communicating and spreading the message through Social Media.

All of these principles existed before the time of the Internet, but the Internet rewards the extra quality, the differences and the connections to the influencers far more than the traditional channels do. This is even more important today where we all have created filters that only let information through if it comes from certain people. We are talking about word of mouth. The digital word of mouth is far more powerful because just pushing one botton you can spread messages virally without distorting the message in the process. (Effect copy pasteit, the original message that is copied and pasted across the social web).

A winery can sell far more if it uses Social Media, not just as a marketing and branding platform, but as a sales tool.

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 This post in Spanish: ¿Vende más una bodega si utiliza Social Media?


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