Bodegas Paramo Arroyo. Organic wine from Ribera del Duero (2).

Continued from Bodegas Páramo Arroyo. Organic wine from Ribera del Duero.

Fermentation room

In a market as today’s globalized world, it is more important to be very attractive to a very small percentage of consumers more aware scattered around the world, than to be very popular in the surroundings of your winery.

This is a practical example of the long tail theory, so important at this moment. But best of all is that this minority is growing continuously, since people are increasingly concerned about the ecology, to preserve the environment, by consuming organic products.

Barrels in Bodegas Páramo Arroyo

But the best thing that counts is not what I could say about Bodegas Páramo Arroyo, but what its creators act, and there’s Alejandro to show the work they do in the vineyard and on the winery, and explaining why they do what they do. And when you listen to him, you realize that it is important not only what he says but how he says.

At the end of the visit, Alejandro gave me a Viña Eremos Crianza 2004. I have not resisted to open the bottle and taste his wine while I write this post..

The result? It convinces me with his message and his wine. Not only in appearance to the eye, nose and mouth, which is delicious, but because I keep in my memory the image of Alejandro showing me that love and care for his vineyard and having clear that this extra effort the do to produce this so special wine will have sooner or later reward.

But I believe this reward has to arrive very soon. It only requires to be a little better known in international markets. And he will get It by just spreading his concept among those people with that special feeling for ecology and for very special wines.

Because there is only a single global market, in which more and more consumers with diverse needs and tastes demand special products,

Managers of Bodegas Páramo Arroyo. Let´s go for your clients that are just waiting for you!

Finished product in Bodegas Páramo Arroyo

Bodegas Páramo Arroyo. Vino ecológico de Ribera de Duero. (2) (in spanish)

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