The importance of telling a good story.

La mayor excusa de la historia

The biggest excuse in history

I was amused when I received this video. And I was struck with the sentence that the video ends. «Never underestimate the power of a good story»

Is this a good story? If we were just spectators I would say yes, it’s a great story.
For us as spectators we may accept the history if it is good, it make us laugh and / or is well told. No matter whether it is true or not and if it appears it to be true or not. And this happens because the history does not affect us a lot.

If it´s any of us who open the closet there may be other factors to consider. And the main decision is whether we believe or not the history. Because it affect us directly.

In the world of wine and business, the best guarantee to have a convincing story is to tell it well and being credible.

The easiest way to look credible is to look and be authentic.

La importancia de contar una buena historia. (This post in spanish)

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