Ontanon winery. Vintage 2.0.

In Ontanon Winery there are concerned people, trying to be trendy. Their latest initiative under the program “The First Wine Online“, that I will probably talk about it later, has been opening its vineyards and wineries to some of the participants in this program and others as lucky as myself.

 We first harvested, and then visited their facilities in Aldeanueva de Ebro and Logroño.

 We were treated as kings. And we learned a lot about the ellaboration process.

The visit to a winery is something that has become usual nowadays. This is because wineries begin to understand that the closer they get to their consumers the better in sales.

 A further step is to do it during harvest. It is a big effort for the winery because they are very busy, as it requires to be focussed on doing a good job in the vineyard and in the winery at this time. But I believe this effort is worthy. It is nice to visit a winery when it is quiet and empty, but it is wonderful to visit when in full production.

Congratulations to Ontanon Winery team for their initiative.

And as an image is worth a thousand words, here come a few images.

 Video of instructions of we would do when harvesting.


Sandwiches with good wine, after having done some exercise!!!

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And some pictures of the event and lunch.

 Thanks again to Ontanon Winery, and the other participants. It was a very nice group.

 This post in Spanish: Viñedos y Bodegas Ontañón. Vendimia 2.0.