Bodega Qubél conference at the Wine International & Virtual Fair in Paris

Winefair en París, del 14 al 18 de marzo 

The organizers of the show contacted me to see if I could get Spanish wineries willing to be exhibited at the 2ème édition du salon virtuel du vin in Paris.

The idea seemed interesting to me because the world that I proclaimed turns around internet.

With this proposal I approached several wineries, some said they would have to think about it, some others said a straight no, only Estrella Orti from Gosalbez-Orti winery (Madrid), was willing not only to participate as speaker but as a conference lecturer, presenting her winery and the whole project around wine production.

Estrella gave an excellent presentation in French, explained the basis of her winery, the philosophy evolving wine (they produce high quality organic wines which are distributed in 13 countries) and above all, they are strongly committed to wine tourism.

To hear the conference click here (in french)

Bodega Qubél Conference Ir a descargar

And the questions are: How did it go with Bodega Gosálbez Orti at the virtual fair? How can you measure the effectiveness of their active presence at the fair? Well, main evaluation comes by the number of hot contacts obtained at the fair , the degree of general interest shown by the visitors , the number of appointments generated , the future encounters with actual clients , the number of direct and indirect sales generated, by general observation and what one has seen along the event, and finally for the direct feeling of what is being done in the wine sector .

In no case Gosálbez Orti is going to provide data , on this or any other fair event. The knowledge of how well it worked in a specific fair is an asset to the winery that gets involved.

You should keep in mind that we are talking about a virtual wine trade show, something totally new in the wine market. But Gosalbez-Orti winery is different for many reasons others than shown in their blog and Facebook bodega qubel , but for being the only Spanish winery who attended this event and have a much more entrepreneurial sense than the rest of thousands of wineries in Spain . Getting into this kind of adventures gives them a much better and clearer differentiation.

Among wine producers the world game in 2011 tends for quality and many more attributes, like the very important fact of standing out from competition.

I also participated as a speaker at the fair show and my participation had an added difficulty that gave me more challenge to my statements. This was about my difficulty of speaking French and not being able to communicate as fluent as Estrella did in her speech. For this reason we agreed that my questioning would have to be made in French and I would respond in English. Besides this minor problem, the whole virtual wine fair was a nice experience and I hope to hang soon a post after fixing some trouble I had with the edited audio.

I invite my readers to visit, taste and drink the wines from  Bodega Gosálbez Orti, among other qualities, you will find a different winery “, I think it is “unique.”




Wine fair en París

This post in spanish: Con Bodega Gosálbez Orti en La 2ème édition du salon virtuel du vin, en París

Winner of the Draw for Tasting and Tapas in a Winery. Vota Pak a la Rioja.

Enoteca Bodegas Gosálvez Ortí

The winner of the sweepstake for the tapas tasting at the Rioja Pak Wine Cellar is: prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Miriam Suarez

As published at the time the prize was a tasting for two people in Gosalvez-Ortí Winery in Pozuelo del Rey (35 km from Madrid).

I hope you enjoy it, Miriam. Thanks to everybody that helped out at Pak with all your votes and your participation in the events proposed for Pak getting to the final. Because Pak has done it. He has reached the final. He has wit and determination, this Pak!

Now we just need it to win. Good luck this weekend during the final in Rioja!

Thank you very much to Bodegas Gosálbez Ortí for sponsoring this contest.

Ah! You want to know something about the fortunate:

This is what she tells us:

 Miriam Suarez

“My name is Miriam Suarez, in this world 2.0 @Miriam_Suarez.

Currently I am working with Agora News with Social Media issues and I am a presenter on a program that will air soon on the web … a secret, even I can not tell :)

I am Personal Shopper, I have a degree in Business Administration and I have a Master in Marketing and an Executive MBA at IE.

I love wine and it made me really happy when you told me about the award because I never won anything XD … and I decided I voted for Pak because I thought the idea of the contest was original and I liked your video. I also participated in the Rioja, but I only reached the interview. It seemed to me OK to vote for a fellow that looked so original. Pak I wish you luck! and thanks for the gift! “

Enoteca de Bodegas Gosálvez Ortí

Post in Spanish: Ganador concurso Sorteo cata y tapas en Bodega vota Pak a la Rioja