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Bodegas Enguera on the International Organic Wine Fair in Spain

The Perez-Pardo family comes from the Caroig Massif, a rugged, very mountainous area with deep ravines, broad valleys and a very long tradition of wine making.

It is located in the southwest of the province of Valencia, in the River Clariano district, which comes under the the “Valencia” Designation of Origin.

The Bodega was founded in 1999. Its motivation was that of building up a winery entirely based on our own vineyards, so as to produce wines by our extensive work , beginning with our wines and ending with the satisfaction of the customers who taste our wines.

At present Bodegas Enguera possesses 160 hectares of its own vineyards, distributed between two specific areas. The first lies in the municipallity of Enguera ; there we have some 100 hectares located in various properties, the most important of which are the Antolin, Bañona, Benali, Toñuna and Venta Corrales.

Peter, the third generation of his family in Enguera Winery presents to us Cotopardo Crianza 2007, Cañada Negra 2008, and Benali 2007.

Peter also talks about the potential for wine tourism in the cellar and in the surrounding area.

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Post in Spanish: Bodegas Enguera en la Primera Feria Internacional del Vino Ecológico

Text from: Enguera Winery Website

Dominio de Punctum on the International Organic Wine Fair in Spain

The Winery Dominio de Punctum was born five years ago as a project and has now been in the market for one year.

They expect to grow rapidly; bearing in mind their 500,000 bottles produced every year.

The Winery is located in Las Pedroñeras (Cuenca) and has 110 hectares of vineyards. Their philosophy is to produce organic wines through sustainable viticulture in order to offer quality products elaborated according to traditional production methods.

They produce distinctive red and white wines from Tempranillo, Graciano, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier grapes at 800 meters above sea level, on a sandy and limestone-rich soil.

Their main characteristics are the following:

Permanent search of quality.
Organic production in order to elaborate wines containing the essence of the region.
Continuous efforts to innovate (i.e. application of biodynamic methods).
- Evaluation of natural resources (i.e. reuse of waste water).
Commitment to sustainable agriculture and production with a very attractive good-value-for-money culture.

Jesús Fernández, Business Manager and Owner of the Winery, presenting his business at the Fair. Graciano Syrah (Dominio de Punctum) presenting his product.

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Post in Spanish: Dominio de Punctum en la Primera Feria Internacional del Vino Ecológico

First International Organic Wine Fair in Spain


The purpose of the fair is to promote organic viticulture in south-western Europe.

The Fair is organized by the Asociación de Agricultura Ecológica de Navarra. (Organic Agriculture Association of Navarre)

There will be 52 wineries from Spain, Portugal and France, and representatives of 27 DOs (Denominación de Origen) and 13 Regional Governments (Comunidades Autónomas)

Organic wine production, organic consumption and the number of organic wineries are actually increasing despite the economic crisis in which we are immersed.

The goal of the fair is to promote organic wines in the international market, and reaches out to producers, distributors, retailers, and hotel and restaurant managers. Importers from 17 countries have confirmed their attendance, including from Japan, Germany and the United States (the major markets of organic wine) .

I’ve split the video into 4 sections to make it easier to follow:

First: An introduction by Edorta Lezaun (from “Lezaun” organic Winery)

Second: Ignacio Bidegain (General Coordinator of the FIVE)

Third: Salvador Eraso Stephens (Navarre regional Govt. Spokesman)

Lastly: Questions and answers


For more detailed information, check out the website created for this purpose:

This post in Spanish: Primera Feria Internacional del Vino Ecológico