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We go to Finca La Estacada and Chinchón

Bodega Finca la Estacada

To pay, you can do it with a transfer with a previous email to, or calling to 630 099 630

Bodegas Finca La Estacada: We have been there a couple of months ago. There are 50 miles from Madrid. We were then quite a numerous group and we had much fun. We are repeating this Saturday.  We get to there by Valencia road.

Every morning I wake up listening to Onda Cero Broadcast, and I hear a commercial proposing going to this winery.  Once you have gone you do not get disappointed. They have a very  complete wine tourism proposal. We will taste there two of their wines.

We will go afterwards to have lunch in a very cool restaurant in Chinchón in which we will have a “cocido” (25 euros) and to enjoy of being in Chinchón. Then we turn to Madrid at 7 PM. I hope you can imagine what having a wonderful lunch and enjoying Plaza de Chinchón is like (If it is sunny is like being in heaven)

As a guided visit we can do it in Chinchón or maybe in Colmenar de Oreja which is 5 miles from Chinchón, one of the great unknown towns with a lot to see in Madrid province.

Something funny happens with the sun in Plaza de Chinchón. When it is sunny you feel compulsed to sit in one of their terraces. But when the sun disappears you get up in 5 minutes because it is gets cold very fast. One factor plays in our favor is that the days are getting longer every day.


I recommend you to come if you want an unique experience. It is not the same going with the winebus visitors than coming on your own. I do not say it is better. (Well!!  I say it!!) It is much better. Or so it looks to me.

The program would be:

El programa sería:

10,45 h Departure from Madrid (Plaza del Conde de Casal in front of Claridge Hotel)

13h Visit to Finca La Estacada (Tarancón) and tasting of 2 wines.

14,45 h Arrival to Chinchón (lunch with a good cocido)

17 h Guided visit to Chinchón/Colmenar de Oreja and/or drinks in plaza de Chinchón/visit to the Parador.

19 h Departure to Madrid.

19,45 h Arrival to Madrid.

To pay, you can do it with a transfer with a previous email to, or calling to 630 099 630 or through

This trip in Spanish: El Winebus en Bodegas Finca La Estacada y Chinchón el sábado 9 de febrero

(Español) Del vino a la mesa. Chinchón ( Winebus )

(Español) Más que vino. Bodegas Finca la Estacada. ( Winebus )

(Español) De la viña a la mesa. Chinchón. Vamos el sábado con el Winebus.

We are going to Qubel Winery and Chinchón

On Saturday october 13th we are going to be in Qubel Winery to taste its magnificent wines.

On march 19th  I wrote a post “On Saturday in Bodega Qubel. “The story of a pilot who became winemaker and now flies again” (in Spanish)

This trip is going to be something special. We are going to visit the winery after the incredible trip that Carlos has made by a small plane, crossing the Arctic  Circle to reach across Canada and Alaska. I hope he will tell us many interesting stories about his trip.

Sometimes I wonder what´s so special about the winemakers and their world. Many of them are romantics and strive to make a living with an activity in which the probabililty of failure is high when the result of much of your work is  in the hands of nature.

Is there a better moment to visit a winemaker than doing it after he has done his last dream? And also to drink at the same time his wines, that are fantastic by the way. We will taste the White 2011Maryrit, the Qubel Revelación 2011, and the Qubel Nature. What a level of wines!

We are writing about a very small winery. But at the same time it is very nice, with a lot of charm, and very closed to Madrid. Everybody who visits it gets hacked by its unique style that exudes and its way of doing things with the heart. It is an opportunity you should not miss. More images of Qubel Winery.

Aferwards we would go to have lunch in a restaurant (lamb 35/40 euros, or tapas 15/20 euros) as you wish and enjoy Chinchón to turn to Madrid at around  19h . You can imagine how nice it is to eat and then  enjoy the Plaza de Chinchon main square. (if its sunny it is like being in heaven)

The program would be:

11,15 h Departure from Madrid (Plaza del Conde de Casal)

12h Visit to Malpica de Tajo Winery from Osborne Group and tasting of 3 wines.

13,45h End of visit.

14,30h Arrival to Chinchón to have lunch.

16,45 h Departure to Navalcarnero.

17 h Guided Visit to Chinchón.

19 h Departure to Madrid.

20 h Arrival to Madrid.

To pay, you can do it with a transfer with a previous email to, or calling to 630 099 630 o through

This trip in Spanish: El Winebus en Bodega Qubel y a Chinchón el sábado 13 de Octubre