The Digital Wine Awards are born

 Born Digital Awards

Robert McInstosh, Ryan Opaz and Gabriela Opaz –the people who annually organize the European Wine Blogger Conference (EWBC)– have recently created a new award aiming to enhance the new journalism specialized in wines worldwide as a result of the development of Social Media. The blogs, posts, or any other tools included in what we generically define as “Social Media” can be written in many different languages, including Spanish.

I think that these awards will be as well organized as the EWBC in Vienna. You can see what I wrote about the EWBC in this post:  European Wine Blogger Conference, Vienna 2010 or simply take a look at the following summary.

Both the Internet and Social Media have erupted with tremendous force in the world of wines to radically change the knowledge, culture and generation of branding and marketing of the wine world. But the real strength is not only in the Internet itself but in finding the perfect combination of virtual and non-virtual actions. In my opinion, the EWBC is one of the most serious attempts in the world to combine both spheres.

To know that Robert, Ryan and Gabriella are behind these Digital Wine Awards can only mean a guarantee of quality.

So if you have a wine blog –no matter the language– and you want to take part in the contest, you may participate in the following categories: Best Wine-related Investigation Story, Best Wine-related Editorial Writing, Best Wine Tourism Post, Best Wine Themed Video and Best Winery Self-Produced Content.

The prize for each of the categories is 1,000 Euros. The deadline for entries is February 28, 2011.

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This post in Spanish: Nacen los Digital Wine Awards