Don’t you listen and feel the fauna and flora in this vineyard? Finca Las Caraballas

Finca Las Caraballas

It was quite an unusual tour, but many tours we are doing are becoming more and more unusual, wich is wonderful. I am still surprised by the variety in the trips.

On this occasion we would go to two very young projects. Two projects that started in the midst of the crisis.

A great example for other entrepreneurs.

By one side Finca Las Caraballas (We will talk in other post about the other project), in Medina del Campo. A winery that when you intend to visit they propose you to go exclusively to the vineyard, because, as they say, everything that should be seen happens in there

I have heard hundreds of times how important things happen in the vineyard, but at the end, when we get into the winery, part of this kind of message changes a little bit.

Finca Las Caraballas 2

But as we visit more and more wineries we realize that more and wonderful wines are made in wineries with facilities in which everything to be said is on their wines and some stories behind. To enjoy such kind of visits you have to be with your senses very open, because its particularity, personality and sense of taste may be missed by a cursory glance.

On the visit to Finca las Caraballas they spoke of how far they had gone to reconstruct the environment.

Elias accompanies us on our visit to the vineyard. And the most attractive was that the first middle hour we nearly did not talk about wine or vineyards but environment recovery, birds, soil recovery. We felt at this moment as if we were the protagonists of a wild life tv program.

The vineyard had an exceptional look (and it was a very sunny day) Everything was ok.  Starting to do the pruning. What we were seeing was shoking and exciting  but a question arises whether  there is already a response of the nature to such an effort.

Finca Las Caraballas 3

And the answer is this:

Don’t you listen and feel the fauna and flora in this vinetard? Do you want me to take you to a conventional now so that you perceive the difference?

We feel much better respecting and recovering habitat. And we think , and so the market have said to us that the grapes of our wines taste again to real grapes, and so happens to our wines that taste again like the old wines of Rueda.

We didn´t do anything special. Just what our fathers did to care for and maintain the vineyards. We are not exceptional. It is the crazy world we live in, that makes us exceptional, and every day more people are aware of this philosophy.

We did a wine tasting in the vineyard, and we realized firsthand  that Las Caraballas wine is something special, that tastes like Rueda wines used to taste. A fantastic experience.

And I am one more. One more who enjoys with tomatoes tasting to true tomatoes and grapes to true grapes, and that birds  and animals of all kind can be there. And I also realize that my body asks me to eat not only tastier but healthier. And I would  like  for my children to have a setting  as beautiful and attractive as I´ve lived.

For all of this I wish Finca Las Caraballas a great success and to become an example to be followed. An example of how to make a living doing a better world!

Predicting the weather in the vineyard


I have known Emilio for quite some time.

I met him when he created a weather forecasting company calledDigitalmeteo“. This new service is tailored around the specific needs of each particular client.

Emilio is very well known amongst bloggers and within social networks such as Twitter to be very active and dynamic in promoting events related to new technologies. He offers his services for free if you make a specific question via Twitter. Emilio’s custom tailored predictions are almost always surprisingly accurate.

In one of this year’s Formula 1 races his real-time predictions for rain were 100% right on with spectacular results worth millions for the Ferrari race team. Winning a Formula 1 race has a lot to do with choosing the appropriate tyres for the impending weather. In this case scenario the Ferrari experts took the wrong decision, just the opposite they have done if they had followed Emilio’s real-time predictions via Twitter thus not making the appropriate tyre changes and Alonso failed to win for this reason.

Here’s my interview:

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I shared this audio with various wineries and there are differing opinions, from those who do not see it at all to others that say they are willing to try. (How strange, just as with the adoption of any new service).

Emilio tells me that they are providing this service to the sports daily, Marca, to tourism businesses and in general any and all companies that organize outdoor events. What do they all have in common? They all have a lot of people looking at the sky knowing that being right or wrong in their predictions means big differences in their paychecks

If I were a winemaker, regardless of the size of my vineyard and cellar, would get in contact with Emilio, because I believe that in today’s world a business must stand out amongst the rest, and in the world of wineries weather prediction is an important first step towards acquiring this distinction.

For those who want to get in contact: digitalmeteo

Capturando la temperie

This image comes from:

This post in Spanish: Predecir el tiempo en el viñedo

Organic Wine. Vinos Ambiz. Vintage

Few days ago I was visiting the vineyards of Fabio Bartolomei and his partner Juan. This is something I had promised myself to do it a long time ago. And what a better time than doing it at harvest time?

Their wine is organic. That attracts me especially. But it attracts me even more my friend, Fabio´s personality. For his uniqueness. He is a good person, simple, kind, radiates warmth, always ready to give a helping hand. He is also Scottish, of Italian origin and he makes organic wine in Madrid. An explosive mix!

I have spoken on my blog on many occasions on how important it is to look and be different. I have seen many ways to be different. And many times I analyze a winery, I get a new  surprise with another singularity. In this case the difference, which is very special, it is on the winemaker. What can you say about the product? Well, it is like its owner. To learn more about the business: Charla con Fabio Bartolomei, de Vinos Ambiz (Vino ecológico). 

A few months ago, he exported for the first time. It appears that someone found him on the Internet. This man said that he would like to meet Fabio. Then he wanted to buy. And then he bought all the wine that Fabio had available. What did Fabio do to sell? Possibly nothing. Or maybe everything. Just being how he is.

Fabio and his partner currently have one hectare of vineyards and this year they will add a second hectare.

In this blog I have spoken about many large wineries, with wonderful facilities (Marques de Riscal, Bodegas Muga, Bodegas Antaño), but there is nothing more charming than finding wine businesses such as Fabio´s and Juan´s beside these big wineries.

Do Fabio and Juan have customers? Well, most of their customers are friends who like Fabio and Juan and their wine, and go and buy it.

Do you want to meet them? Here we present them to you while they are harvesting.

This post in Spanish: Vino ecológico. Vinos Ambiz. De vendimia.