Facebook accelerates in Spain. Creating and measuring campaigns on Facebook.

Audio and video of the December meeting of Conversion Thursday in Madrid. In this case the title of the lecture was: Creating and Measuring Campaigns on Facebook.

The speakers were Sergio Maldonado y Javier Godoy.

Why do I say that Facebook is accelerating?

There are several reasons to this: the content of the paper (listen to the audio) (in Spanish), the atmosphere in which the meeting took place at the auditorium of the EOI (filled to the brim), the comments of the audience (a different discourse seems to be arising in the Spanish market), and the opinions of all participants in their own blogs. The three layers of Marketing on Social Networks. (in Spanish)



This post in Spanish: Facebook acelera en España. Crear y medir campañas en Facebook

Let me show you the way to heaven. “The Social Network”

I saw The Social Network on the cinema. I liked it a lot. And I mean a lot, a lot! I liked how they recreated the atmosphere of a successful dot-com company.

The film has scope for intense debates in several different areas, but in this post I’d like to focus on the importance of Mark Zuckerberg’s helpers in making a success of the project.

In the movie, a close friend of Mark’s, Edward, helps him at the beginning and stumps up $18,000; and Mark behaves rather badly towards him – his best friend! In any case, I think that even if Edward hadn’t helped him with the money, Mark wouldn’t have had any problems finding someone else.

Then there are the giant twin rowers from Harvard, who hire him to design a web page. Mark was thinking about a similar idea, but something about the twins’ idea makes something click in Mark’s head. The twins’ idea also helped him, though it was only a matter of time before he found the way.

Then there’s Sean Parker, the creator of Napster. He was someone who could think big and who upset the music industry quite a lot. He didn’t earn a single dollar doing that, but he did create the biggest all-time stir in the music industry!

When he meets Sean, he realizes that what Sean’s saying to him is just what he needs to hear. He’d have managed to carry on without Sean, but of all the people he comes in contact with, Sean is the most influential – because he makes him realize how big and fantastic his project is.

All of the above is just to say that an idea can be as fantastic as you like but it’s not worth anything there’s no one there with the ability, energy and motivation to make it a reality.

This week I heard a really good saying, which is also short, wise and true: “Experiment and you will triumph” ,from Pilar Jericó in EBE.

What does one need in order to experiment intensely? Motivation! And motivation comes mainly from the ability to see your success.

I don’t know if I’ve convinced you, so here’s another example:

Christopher Columbus made four trips to America, and I suppose that one would have had to be very daring and adventurous to join up for the first trip. I also suppose that that it would have been much easier for someone to join up for the second, third and fourth trips, knowing that the first was a success.

The tools we all have available to work with in Social Media are mostly free. Many small and medium sized companies decide to go into Social media without any support from professionals with experience in the sector. At the most they might give the job to an intern or to some other employee with little or no experience.

Y sin embargo ningún gran anunciante se plantea entrar en Social Media sin estar asesorado por una buena agencia de Social Media. ¿Son tontos los grandes anunciantes? ¿Se gastan el dinero de forma innecesaria? Yo creo que esos grandes anunciantes han entendido que para tener éxito en Social Media es imprescindible tener muy buen producto o servicio y ser muy buenos comunicando por Internet. Considero además que la cualidad que más valoran en la agencia que contratan es la de saber que la agencia tiene muy claro qué pasos tiene que dar para conseguir éxito en Social Media, porque ya lo han hecho en otras ocasiones.

Funnily enough, no large company gets into Social Media without hiring one or more professionals. Are these large companies crazy? Are they throwing their money away? I don’t think so. I think that they’ve realized that to be successful in Social media you have to have a good product or service to start off with and be very good at communicating over the internet. I also think that the qualities they value when hiring professionals is that they have a proven track record of similar successes in the past.

As Sean Parker said to Mark: “I don’t need to imagine what success will be like if FaceBook succeeds. I don’t need to because I already know! I lived it with Napster. Let me show you the way to heaven”

I’m not Sean Parker, and I didn’t create Napster, but what I’d like to say to the Wineries out there is  “You want me to show you how to succeed?”

Here’s another well-written post on the same subject: Sobre la red social


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