Wine Sensory Workshop 2, October 24. See the video

What can we  say about the tasting we had on Monday 24 th October?

Lola Núñez Pinto en la sala Utópicus

What can be said about this tasting? That it was as good as the one we had in July. We were a few less, but enough to make it just as succesful.

 I want to thank Lola Núñez Pinto  for leading the tasting in such a professional,educational and fun way. And thanks to utopic_US for spreading the event, and some of them for being present at the event also. To Santiago Valllado for the nice video he has made of the event, to MatiasBejas for the fantastic poster he designed. And of course to the wineries who participated with their fine wines.

More photos of the event:

The wines that were present in the event were

1)BERONIA Beronia Tempranillo Rosado 2010
2) SONSIERRA Sonsierra Tempranillo 2010
3)TINTORALBA Higueruela 2010
4) FINCA LA ESTACADA Finca la Estacada 6 meses en barrica 2009
5) ZUAZO GASTÓN Zuazo Gastón Reserva 2006
6) JUAN ALCORTA Campo Viejo Gran Reserva 2004
7) JUAN ALCORTA Azpilicueta Crianza 2006
8) LA RIOJA ALTA Viña Alberdi crianza 2005
9) JANÉ VENTURA Jané Ventura Negre Selecció 12 Vinyes 2009

Any comments about how to improve the event are welcome.

I hope to organize the next one soon. I count on you (my readers, attendees at previous tastings, broadcasters of events, those who wanted to come but for whatever reason you could not).

This post in Spanish: Taller sensorial del vino 2, lunes 24 de Octubre. Lo que fue (Video)

A big hug to all.

Wine Sensory Workshop 2

Taller sensorial del vino blanco

When: Monday October 24

Where: Utopic_US

The tastings we organize are quite special because of:1) The quality of those who lead the tastings
2) The quality of the wines presented3) The magical environment that surrounds the room Utópicus.4) The special atmosphere provided by the attendees.5) The way that afterwards we always go on to the Cava Baja.

This is a mixture of reasons that make for an amazing event – view the video of our previous tasting., view pictures of that previous tasting

 On Monday October 24th at 19h30, in collaboration with Utopicus,Utopic_US  we are organizing another tasting: “Taller Sensorial del vino 2. in C/ Concepción Jerónima 22. (Madrid)

This event in Facebook: Taller sensorial del vino 2

 On this occasion under the direction of Lola Núñez Pinto we will taste five red wines and one Rosé. Lola Núñez Pinto , is a famous wine taster with an excellent track record in the tasting of Spanish wines. We are expecting that about 60 people will attend.

Who is Lola Núñez Pinto Lola Núñez Pinto has an incredible curriculum vitae which reveals her to be probably one of the best active tasting directors in this country.

This event is similar to the previously highly successful tasting held on July 26, which was called “White Wine Sensory Wokshop”. We had space for 50 people – and 50 people came, despite the fact that in mid-July, half of Madrid are away on vacation.

If you enjoyed the previous tasting I highly recommend that you come to this next event. If you missed the previous one but have friends that attended, ask them what they thought!

The ticket price is € 15 per person with a € 3 discount if you buy through Ticketea. To purchase tickets via Ticketea, click here.

We will be waiting to welcome you.

This post in Spanish: Taller sensorial del vino 2, lunes 24 de Octubre en Utopic_US


White Wine Sensory Workshop (The video)

Did I exaggerate when I said in here: A white tasting for 50 on July 26th? The participants are saying that I was short.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Listen to them !!!!! Here is what happened! (In Spanish)

This post in Spanish: Taller Sensorial del Vino Blanco (Video)

A white tasting for 50 on July 26th?

Cata Sensorial del Vino Blanco

Imágenes del evento Photos of the event

It will not turn out well!!! I was shouted by the soothsayers’. “It will not turn out well!!! I was also shouted by the optimists.

“How can you dare to stage an event for 50 people at the end of July?” it was said by the realistic ones. 50 people? But there will not be 50 people   throughout the Cava Baja at the end of July on a working day!!

Be sure the wineries will not respond you at all. And if they do, it will take too long to get an answer. For sure everyone must be on vacation. For sure you will not be able to get quality wines. For sure the tasting room will not fit the needs. For sure it will feel strange to have the event in a place that hasn’t had previous tastings performances. For sure people will not respond your call.

One of the few things I didn’t have any doubts about was the quality of work of Antonio Casado. And then an accident occurred and Antonio broke one of his twin muscles just 5 days before the event. Should we bring him on a stretcher? Could he conduct the tasting?

Every think showed that I was going to get a whack.

Antonio Casado

“Get mistaken early!!!” It is a Google’s motto. And my interpretation to this is, if you make a mistake, you get to learn from it and if you are right… Oh boy!!! then you get  a crown of laurel…

Well, after we had the event, I have to say that we were right, everything went easy and fine. Wineries responded phenomenally and quick. There were no more no less than 50 people at the tasting, Antonio worked the best he could, before and during the event, he managed to do it with his twin muscle broken. The tasting room was beautiful. It looked like a room exceptionally original and totally specialized in wine tasting. Utópicus gave me the needed support to make the event a success. And there were things to be planed and many other things to be solved on course. Thanks to Juan, Rafa and Yago. Thanks to the several coworkers that  to  a greater or lesser extent have contributed to the event, doing their bit or greater contribution, so that everything went very professional  and also to some other helpers, who saw the opportunity  to participate as assistants in the White Wine Sensory Workshop. The Utopicus management and coworkers general attitude is to join forces to any new proposal. Furthermore, the events organized by them are usually very good and very original …

Antonio is a knowledgeable man!!!  Does he get to taste 3000 wines a year? How many lectures like yesterdays has he done? You can tell he has a great experience. Would you say the wine tastes differently after knowing so many details about the process and features of wine?, Would that knowledge makes this wine completely different from other wines in the world? Would you say after the tasting experience that it seems like listening a symphony of classical music, but instead of delighting the ear, you get the delight of the aroma and taste?

The only complaint I have received so far was that the event didn’t last as long as desired. That was cool! That’s what I say when I go to see a good fleek and it bothers me when it only last 100 minutes.

Cartel del evento

Well, this problem can be easily solved. Let’s do another event as soon as possible.

I’ll be waiting for all and each of you to come to the next event.  If it seems that this event has gone well, I hope the next will be even better.

 Hugs to all you.

The wines we tasted were:

Marina Alta de Bodegas Bocopa
Solear de Barbadillo
Torelló by Custo Barcelona Gran Reserva
Javier Sanz Viticultor Villa Narcisa 2010
Itsasmendi nº7 2010
Viña Cantosán fermentado en barrica 2008
Chesa Gewürztraminer 2010
Pazo Baión 2009
Ochoa Moscatel 2010

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